We are Others

Doing things the other way.

We care about

what we put in our mouth

good look, taste and feel

the planet we live on

simplifying things

enjoying life

We vote with our wallets, and so do you. We believe choosing better products – especially products we use every day, like toothpaste – really matters. We also think that doing things more responsibly doesn’t mean compromising quality, effectiveness, or look.

Team Others

We founded Others following a simple idea – if everyday products can be made without harmful chemicals and packaged more responsibly, they should.

Currently around 1 Billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills or oceans each year. It’s no news but it’s still mind-blowing. Coming up with a better alternative and grabbing a share of the currently plastic-heavy toothpaste market seemed like a logical place to start from.

Toothpaste tablets just make sense – taking the idea of a toothpaste, removing the harsh toxins and plastic tube, adding clean ingredients as effective, making it convenient and good-looking, and packaging it in a refillable glass jar. That’s exactly what we did.

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