Frequently asked questions

Answering the questions you might have.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time logging in to My Account page.

Can I edit my subscription?

Once you log in to your account, you can make all sorts of changes to your subscription.

Change the frequency or the date of your shipment, swap or add products to your subscription, add one-time items, update your shipping address, payment method. You can also cancel your subscription anytime

Can I make a one-time order without subscribing?

You can buy our toothpaste tablets individually as well priced at 6.99€.They will come in smaller jars that fit 45 tablets. Toothbrushes can be bought individually and as a subscription as well. 

How does the subscription work?

With the first shipment you get a glass jar filled with 180 toothpaste tablets. That’s the amount of tabs a person will use in 90 days. Close to the end of the 90 days* you’ll receive a refill package in your mailbox, that will fill your jar for another 90 days. The cycle continues the same way until you edit or cancel your subscription – both can be done easily anytime. 


*the frequency depends on for how many people you’re making the order for

How do I use Others toothpaste tabs?

It’s pretty straightforward – just chew a tablet, brush with a wet toothbrush and rinse with water when done brushing.

What are the tablets made of?

Our tablets are only made of non-toxic, no-brainer ingredients. They’re fluoride free (we use nano-hydroxyapatite instead), palm oil free, gluten free and vegan. 

Find the full list of ingredients with info here.

What is nano-hydroxyapatite?

Nano-hydroxyapatite, also known as nano-HAp or n-HAp, is an effective fluoride alternative that strengthens tooth enamel and makes teeth less sensitive.

Why should I choose Others tablets over conventional toothpaste?

Our tablets are made of simple non-toxic ingredients. We use nano hydroxyapatite that’s a clean and more gentle alternative to fluoride (for restoring teeth enamel). We don’t use unnecessary ingredients such as SLS. Others tabs come in a glass jar instead of a plastic tube. We’ve also been told that they’re super convenient for traveling. 

Are toothpaste tablets safe for kids?

Yes, children love the tablets, especially the sweeter options such as lemon. Although we do not recommend giving them to children younger than 3 years old.